Friday, December 30, 2011

My Top 5 of '11

Wow I cannot believe this year is almost through.  I have been meaning to post a few things that I made for Christmas presents but you will have to wait until next week.  Until then I want to share with you my favorite 5 posts from this year.

#5 Saint Patty's Day Wreath
You see I have a wreath obsession and this one turned out just so fun and whimsical and perfect.

#4 This may be a pregnancy craving talking here but this Grilled Hamburger still rocks my world.

#3 I love throwing parties and this Dr. Suess Baby Shower was a blast!

See all post: Party Favors, Quote Blocks, Advice Book, Food Labels, and decore.

#2 I still love how cute these turned out.  Girls Ruffled Ribbon Jeans.
It makes me want warmer weather again....

#1  This has been my favorite thing I have learned and it has certainly changed and improved much of my sewing.  Making Bias Tape!
Oh how lovely is homemade bias tape....  See part 2 of this tutorial here.  And just see how wonderful your homemade project can be with it...  I still swoon.

So do you have any favorites I have done this year that I didn't include?  I would love to know what they have been.

I hope you have a very Wonderful New Year and I can't wait to see what fun things I will do next year.  Although I do know what it will start with and I am way nervous, my very first qu...... (can you guess?)

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