Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Patty's Day Wreath

I do not have a single piece of St. Patrick's Day decor in my home.  So this year I decided I needed to at least do a wreath.  And I got a brilliant idea, but then I couldn't find what I needed so I gave up.  Then a few days ago I got another idea and this one was easy to get everything I needed and I love it.  So now less than a week before St. Patrick's day I finally have a wreath.

So here's what you need to make this wreath:
A wreath you can wrap and stick pins into. (I used the same wreath I used in this project.)
1/8 yd of 4 pieces of green fabric
1 yd heavy iron on interfacing (or wonder under)
freezer paper
white ball headed pins
9ish yards of 3 inch ribbon to wrap the wreath with
1 yr ribbon for bow.

Now what to do.  ( I am sorry I don't have step by step photo's but it is fairly simple.)
First wrap you wreath with your ribbon.
Now make your shamrocks.  To do this I found a 3 leaf clip art and a 4 leaf clip art clover and printed them off in 2 different sizes.  My large was slightly bigger than 3 inches and my small was about 1 1/2 inches.
Trace an assortment of your shamrocks onto freezer paper.  You will need about 15 from each piece of fabric. Trace onto a size that will fit your fabric
Iron your interfacing onto the wrong side of your fabric and then iron your freezer paper to the right side of your fabric. Then cut all of them out.
Now just piece a large one and a small one together and stick one of you white pins through them into the wreath.
Fill up your wreath.
Now for the finishing touch, a bow.
I just looped the bow around until I had 6 large loops.  I didn't tie it or sew it or anything fancy like that.  I simple grabbed a shamrock pair and stuck it in the middle to finish it off and hold it together.
And the wreath is done.  Simple and cute. And it cost me less then $10.



Anonymous said...

turned out cute, cute, maybe an Irishman will come by and give you a kiss for all that creativity !!!!!

Erin said...

Love this. Love this blog..first time here. You are very creative :) I know St. Pat's is over but never too early to get started for next year right? Right.