Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dr. Suess Baby Shower {Food Labels}

So the baby shower was last week and it turned out great!  I believe my sister-in-law was very happy with it.  Except for one thing, I am a basket case.  You see I forgot my camera, but that's not even the bad part.  The bad part is I had my camera in my purse, so forgetting my camera meant I forgot my purse.  So please don't tell anyone that I drove over 50 miles last week without my drivers license.  Anyways that also means I don't have pictures of everything finished and put together.  But I still have a few pieces of the shower I can show you.  So here we go.
So the mother of the mom was in charge of the food and she had seen the idea of naming your food cute Dr. Suess things.  I believe she got the idea from here.  So she asked me if I would make up cute little labels to go with the food of what they are and this is what I came up with.
 Aren't those soo cute.  I am so happy with them I have to show you each one close up.

 For this one I have never read Hooray for Diffendoofer Day so I am not sure if this image is actually from the book but it's what came up when I googled it so I ran with it.

 So here is how I made them.  I found the images I wanted to use and opened them in paint.  Then I made them the size I wanted them and added the words.  Then I printed them off.  To get them to stand up I just cut extra pieces of card stock the were about 2 inches thick and just a little bit shorter than the width of the card.  I folded that in half then glued it on like so.
 Since the baby was a girl I wanted to add a little extra girly flair.  That's why I added the little rosettes on the side. To do so I used tissue paper and cut it about 1 1/2 inch's thick and made the rosettes the same way you do the cute fabric rosettes you put onto head bands.  If you are unsure of how to do that here is a quick tutorial.  (sorry I didn't take pictures while I was making them so I just grabbed a piece of ribbon to show you how to do this) Start with 1 1/2 inch thickness and make it as long as you can.
 Start twisting your material/tissue paper/ribbon :)  Whatever you are using.
 After you twisted a little bit roll up what you have twisted. Glue it with hot glue frequently. (I have a sudden desire to go get a manicure, sorry.)
Then continue to twist and roll and glue.  Twist, roll, glue.  Until you are happy with the size.  Then put some glue on the back of your rosette and stick the remaining paper (about 1 inch if you have more left trim it first) to the glue.  And you are done.
As always if you have any questions about anything I have done feel free to ask. I think I figured how to make it so you can print them.  If this doesn't work please let me know.  Anyways for the printable labels please go here.

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Grandma Hurst said...

Liz did a great job with the shower and it was wonderful. Thank you Liz for all your hard work and time.