Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cake Pops

( Hint: Stay tuned through the end of the post)
I did it.  I made me some Cake Pops.  And I loved them.  So while I am certain Bakerella will never see my little blog I want to tell her Thank You for introducing me to such deliciousness and helping me gain 5 pounds.  So here are my Cake Pops (yes I do believe Cake Pops ought to be capitalized.)

Mmmmm.  So I did 2 different types as you can see.  The first one is a rocky road flavor.  And the second is lemon flavored.  And they were both fabulous.
For the Rocky Road one I baked a dark chocolate cake mix because I believe dark chocolate and rocky road were made for each other.  Then to the crumbled cake mix I added marshmallows with chocolate frosting.  I threw the marshmallows my little food processor along with some cake crumbs so they didn't get to sticky.
I then dipped my set Cake Pops in melted chocolate chips instead of chocolate candy melts.  The only reason I did this is because I tasted a chocolate candy melt before I started, then I spit it back out.  It was not a good brand.  So I used what I had on hand which was chocolate chips.  When you use chocolate chip make sure you add a little shortening to them to make them nice and smooth.
After I dipped them in chocolate I sprinkled them with toasted almonds.  And luckily they last one fell off as I was sprinkling it so I had to eat it.
For my lemon ones, (which I must surprisingly admit I liked better than the rocky road ones) I made a lemon cake and mixed it with lemon frosting.  I then dipped them in white candy melts and then sprinkled them with this lemon sprinkle I have from the Pampered Chef.
They were so light and yummy.  I must confess I have eaten more than I can count on a hand.  I love them.
The best thing about sprinkling these with something else was my dipping didn't have to be perfect. But I was surprised how many candy melts/chocolate chips it took.  You need at least 2 bags for 1 cake mix.
I also have a bunch of other ideas to try but I couldn't make them all for one night.  So as a memory for me and a spring board for you here are some of my ideas for yummy Cake Pops.
1- Red Velvet cake with mini chocolate chips mixed in and cream cheese frosting dipped in chocolate.
2- German Chocolate cake mix, mixed with 1/4 can coconut pecan frosting and 3/4 can chocolate frosting dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with coconuts and chopped pecans.
3- Chocolate cake mix and chocolate frosting dipped in these white mint flavored candy melts from Bake it Pretty then sprinkled with either crushed grasshopper cookies or crushed andes mints.
4- Spice cake mix with cream cheese frosting. Dipped in red or green candy melts and sprinkled with this apple sprinkle.
Well the possibilities are endless.  So go be creative and make your mouth water.
Heck my mouth water too please!  Leave a comment with another idea of a delicious Cake Pop idea and I will give the the person who comes up with the yummiest sounding "recipe"  a little prize.  I am still deciding on what to give so I will update tomorrow what I have decided to give.  You will have through Friday Aug. 6th to get your recipes in.  You can enter as much as you want, and the winner will be chosen  by which recipe makes my tummy growl the loudest and my mouth water the most.
Update:  Okay I have had a moment to think about it and here are the official rules for the cake pop giveaway.  
-First off the prize will be your own bottle of the Pampered Chef Lemon Sprinkle and $5 to spend at Bake it Pretty.
-So go think about  yummy Cake Pop concotions and leave a comment with your ideas.  You can enter as much as you want.
-You have until midnight on Friday Aug 6th to enter.
I will then narrow the entries down to my top 3 favorite.  After which I will share those on Saturday and then you guys will vote for which one sounds the yummiest to you.
-I will announce the winner Monday morning.  

Go be creative!


Amanda said...

I don't know if this would be possible, but what about a raspberry swirl cheesecake rolled in graham cracker crumbs...I could eat a few dozen of those. :)

Hazelnut flavored cake, chocolate frosting, rolled in crushed hazelnuts

Cookies & Cream! That could either be chocolate cake w/ buttercream frosting rolled in copious amounts of crumbled Oreo cookies, OR mix the crumbled cookies right into the cake batter for even more Oreo-y goodness. :)

Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

Pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, dipped in white chocolate, sprinkled with nutmeg.

Lisa said...

Devils food cake mixed with chocolate frosting and some coffee or expresso added in to give it a nice mocha flavor -coated with dark chocolate.

Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

margarita cake with crushed lime candy sprinkles would make me a happy camper

AKing said...

I'd have to use the lemon sprinkles to make some sort of half lemon and half chocolate doberge cake pop

AKing said...

Another one I would make is crushed pineapple, strawberry and chocolate swirl in a yellow cake pop - oh and with some pecan pieces

Anonymous said...

I made strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting dipped in chocolate. Tastes like an amazingly rich chocolate covered strawberry, it was so good! Must try!

JHill said...

Peanut butter cake with caramel frosting, dipped in chocolate chips and sprinkled with chopped peanuts and crushed pretzels.

I love me a Take 5 bar, can you tell?

Lauren said...

you can see my full list here:

I prefer the term "cakeballs" to pops because I enjoy innuendo a little too much. My latest batch that was voted "omg best ever" by my friends was dark chocolate brownies covered in peanut butter candy melt.

For the summer, I recommend "Orange Dreamsicle," which is orange cake coated in vanilla candy coating and sprinkled with orange colored sugar. Great when frozen for a lovely summer treat.

Kaylee said...

1.Tootsie roll- chocolate cake + orange frosting + tootsie roll on top.

2.Cranberry White Chocolate- vanilla cake + cream cheese frosting + craisin + white chocolate coating

3.Salted caramel- chocolate cake base + salted caramel frosting + dipped in chocolate + caramel swirl + fleur de sel sprinkles. OMGYUM!

4.Key lime- vanilla cake + crushed graham crackers + lime frosting + white chocolate coating + graham crackers sprinkled on top.

5.Earl Grey- earl grey cake (use any vanilla cake and add 2 earl grey tea bags ripped open) + orange frosting + candied violet on top.

6.Tiamisu- vanilla cake + kahlua marscarpone frosting + mini chocolate chips + white chocolate coating + dusted in cocoa powder.

Curried Cupcakes said...

My hubby's favorite cake pops are when i used brownies with fudge frosting and coat with milk chocolate. However, we are having a party this weekend and I'm playing with the idea of using cherry flavored cake with the Betty Crocker "rainbow chip" frosting. I think the waxy sprinkles would be a fun surprise.

Char said...

I would make chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, dipped in chocolate melts and sprinkles with cookie crumbs...mmm or sprinkled with crushed peanuts for the really nutty

Jackie said...

I love your rocky road Cake {ops! Those look SO tasty!

I'm thinking something along the lines of:

dark chocolate cake, mixed with 1/4 peanut butter 3/4 dark chocolate frosting to hold them together.

Then dipped in a shell of PB and semi-sweet Chocolate and coated with crushed up pretzels.

There is just something about PB, dark chocolate and salty pretzels!

I also like the key lime idea Kaylee suggested!

...who are we kidding?! These are Cake Pops, they are ALL going to be good!!!!

Kelly said...

I would try lemon cake with raspberry frosting, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with the lemon sprinkles

I BLEED PINK said...

Oh wow these look soo good!! I am going to have to try the rocky road ones, what a great idea!!

WorkingMOM said...

Cream Soda cupcakes dipped in Butter frosting then sprinkled with toffee. Deliciousness!

Brooke said...

Oh man, I may be out of my league here. I love making cake balls, and my coworkers love me for it. Their favorite so far is coffee flavored cupcakes (vanilla box cake with brewed coffe instead of water) with vanilla bean buttercream frosting (from scratch), dipped in white chocolate and topped with shaved cinnamon chips. They taste like a cinnamon dolce latte.

Cheshire Kat said...

First of all, I would modify your spice cake idea and say you ought to do maple cream cheese frosting. My other idea is a cinnamon roll pop. Nice gooey cinnamon roll inside a thick cream cheese frosting outside with a light dusting of cinnamon!

stephanie said...

I made some cake balls and I would have to say that cake pops are even cuter!

I would want to try:
1. chocolate cake mixed with a homemade raspberry buttercream, coated in dark chocolate
2. white chocolate cake with a lemon buttercream coated in white chocolate, and then sprinkled with some lemon sprinkle :)
3. snickerdoodle cake pops! a white cake mixed with a cinnamon-y vanilla frosting coated in white chocolate and sprinkled lightly with cinnamon. yum.

Melanie said...

Cocoa Caramel Drizzle!

Add some cocoa, and a little bit of a coffee taste, and at the end put a drizzle of caramel syrup!

Krystal said...

We did strawberry cake mix with strawberry frosting, coated in white chocolate bark. we sprinkled half with rainbow sprinkles and half with strawberry quick.
My sister in-law requested coconut. i haven't tried them yet..but was thinking yellow or white cake mix flavored with a little coconut extract (maybe some flaked coconit inside)dipped in white chocolate candy melts sprinkled with some toasted coconut.

Anonymous said...

yellow cake, raspberry filling and bavarian filling...buttercreme icing and chocolate fondant

Lauren at Big Easy Mom said...

How about a S'Mores cake pop? Chocolate cake, marshmallow creme coating, then covered in crushed graham crackers!

Ashley said...

I've made Bakerella's cake pops before, but mine were not as cute or creative as yours. Way to go!

Gabriella said...

Ooo! Those look adorable and tasty! :)

Principessa Gabriella Blog

florentina said...

I made cupcakes like this and they were delicious:

Devils Chocolate cake with white buttercream frosting covered with chopped andes mints. The mint adds such a refreshing taste on your palate but is not too over powering.

Or how about a Cookies n Creme pop:
Dark chocolate cake with a white, creamcheese frosting, rolled in oreo crumbles.

Lindsay said...

I love Bakerella's cake pops. I have make these over and over again and they're a hit each time. Checkout my blog with pics!

Bonnie said...

Mmmm, piña colada cake pops. Yellow cake mix baked with an 8-oz can of crushed pineapple and a teaspoon of rum extract. Add butter cream frosting with a splash of coconut extract. Then finish off with yellow and/or white candy melts, sprinkled with what else but toasted coconut.

LAMusing said...
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meganhertz said...

Chocolate cake pops with red candy melts on the outside, and green on top!
That way its strawberry covered chocolate, instead of chocolate covered strawberries!
Or you could even melt strawberry flavored candies to coat the chocolate in. Or crush them, and then stick them onto the pop after dipping it on red chocolate melts.

LAMusing said...

Strawberry Lemonade pops - strawberry cake, lemon frosting, white chocolate or pink melts with lemon sprinkles

Chai Pops - Chai cake, cream cheese frosting, light brown candy melts, toffee bits

Pistachio Rose Pops - Vanilla cake with a touch of rosewater extract, vanilla frosting, white chocolate rolled in crushed pistachios. Option 2 - use pink coloring in cake or use pink or light green melts Option 3 - sprinkle on candied rose petals along with pistachios

Carmel Apple pop - Apple cake, cream cheese frosting, caramel colored melts, crushed toffee bits. Option 2 - shape it like an apple with red or green melts :)

Chocolate Cherry pops - stick a maraschino cherry in the center of a Devils food cake ball, cream cheese frosting, red melts, chocolate sprinkles. Option 2 - Cherry cake, cream cheese frosting, dipped in dark chocolate with crushed cherry candies

Banana Split Pops - Banana Cake with crushed pineapple, vanilla frosting, dipped in chocolate, crushed nuts

Norma said...

- For Christmas how about fruit cake balls, cream cheese frosting, in red or green melts, rolled in crushed nuts

- Butterbrickle pops - spice cake made with Butterscotch pudding, butterscotch icing, dipped in chocolate, rolled with crushed toffee

- Carrot Cake pots - Carrot cake, cream cheese icing, orange melts rolled in coconut or nuts


Robin said...

Here you go. Look no further.

1. Devil's food cake with two extra tablespoons of cocoa added mixed with buttercream frosting. Dipped in Chocolate mint choacolate with crushed peppermint pieces on top.

2. Peanut butter cake with peanut butter frosting. Dipped in milk chocolate with crushed peanut butter oreos on top.

I know I won :)


Karen said...

For an interesting and healthy one:

Avocado Chocolate Cake, Avocado frosting, and topped with some chocolate sprinkles.

Hummingbird Cake: Pineapple cake, cream cheese frosting, topped with toasted coconut!

Anonymous said...

"Kir Royal" Cake Pop
white Champagne cake with raspberry buttercream frosting dipped in vanilla candy coating