Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tutorial Review {Reversible Purse}

Can you believe it I am doing a review.  It's been a little while. Anyways I needed to make a little gift to give to a few wonderful women I know.  I wanted it to be simple and cute.  So after some searching I decided to make this bag from Martha Stewart.  It is really super simple and a beginners project.  But me like the brilliant person I am sometimes didn't fully read the instructions and I messed up.  So I will save you from my same fate. So here we gooooo.
So you can find the pattern to print out and the instruction here.
But let me restate what they say in the instructions so you don't mess up like I did. When you sew your pieces together you sew the top seems and then the bag part leaving the arms (both sides) open.  Like this.
Also let me point out because it doesn't say this in the instructions but you need to clip your curves...
...and iron open your seems.  (Mostly the top of the arms.)
When you put your two pieces together again you are only sewing the inside (think of it like a bib and you are sewing the neck line.)  Leave the outside of the arms open still.  And remember to clip those curves as well.

Keep on following the instructions and you will have this cute little reversible handbag.

It only takes about 45 min to sew and you only need 1 total yard of fabric.  So quick, easy, inexpensive and super cute and handy.  My type of gift.

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Betty Rood ~nannato5 said...

thank u!! i may have to try this!