Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dr Suess Party Decorations

Good news I found my camera cord in the bottom of the toy bucket.  So I was going to do a different post today but the pictures turned out terrible so I want to re-take them.  So instead I will do this one.  As I mentioned in a post before I forgot to bring my camera to the baby shower.  It really turned out looking cute.  First I will try and paint what it looked like with words then I will show you some second hand decorations:)
Here is my best wordy explanation of what we did. I had the tables set before people got there.  I had started with white table cloths.  Then I used red and turquoise square plates alternating each spot.  I also had red and turquoise napkins that alternated, so it was turquoise plate with red napkin etc.  Then everyone had yellow plastic wear.  Fun bright Dr. Suess colors.  Then I had little glass vases with Dr. Suess "tree's" in them and set those on the tables.  I also borrowed a bunch of Dr. Suess plush animals from a teacher friend and had those set midway between the vases.  And lastly I had little 2 inch squares (stolen from a matching game) of all sorts of Dr. Suess Book Characters sprinkled on the table.  Oh it was cute and fun! Then we had a table set up for presents and in the center of that was a really good Dr. Suess Diaper cake made by baby's grandma.  Then on another side we had a display that had the party favors stacked up and the advice book I made for people to write in and the wooden Dr. Suess quotes I made and another Diaper cake made by the other grandma that was a Horton Hears a Who theme and One Fish Two Fish stacking blocks.  Oh it was cute display!  Then of course there were streamers up high and I made tissue paper pom pom balls and had them hanging up.  And On the wall I had some red and blue boas hanging and made them into clothes lines in which I hung some Dr. Suess bibs and burp clothes.  I wish oh how I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera.  We also did the shower in a club house which was nice because there were no "homey" decorations to take away from the Dr. Suess decor.
But I did have left over decorations and my baby monkey just had her first birthday.  So I simplified my life and re-used some of the decorations. Lucky for you I do have pictures of that.
So here are some of the tissue paper pom poms.
 And here are some of the tree vases sitting on the One Fish Two Fish blocks.
 And these are the cupcakes I made for my monkeys birthday.  We had the Thing 1 cupcakes at the shower but I mixed it up and little and did Thing 1 cupcakes and Horton Hears a Who cupcakes.
Note: The cotton candy melts somewhat quickly on the frosting so don't put it on until the last minute :)

So sorry for the long wordy post. Maybe someday I wont be so crazy but I wouldn't count on it if I were you. 
PS. the matching game and the one fish two fish stacking blocks were bought from Suessland.


Megan said...

more?!?!? SO CUTE! Love those cupcakes!

http://livingatthewhiteheadszoo.blogspot.com/ said...

where did you get the blocks yo did the vases on did you make those too? very cute ideas

edziados@yahoo.com said...

Where did you get those blocks? Did you make them yourself? I must have them for my shower I am planning!!!!!!