Monday, November 14, 2011

A Super Comfy Skirt

Hello my name is Liz and I am a Pinterest addict.

I have been spending a lot more time as of recent pinning instead of creating.  So I have made a rule for myself.  I must "try" one pin before I can pin anything else.  So I acted upon two pins this weekend and both turned out very well.  The first was this sock bun method for curling your hair.  I did this on Sunday and since Sunday is kinda a crazy day in this neck of the woods I did not get a picture of my hair, but my sister did tell me that my hair looked better that day than it had in a long time.  I thought it turned out very well.  I have very flat straight hair that resists curling.  And this method held well and lasted throughout the day.  So I would recommend it.

The second thing I did was make a maxi skirt I saw on pinterest.  Here is the link to the tutorial.  Can I tell you how much I LOVE this skirt.  I have worn it for three days straight now  (well Saturday was only 2 hours so it doesn't really count does it?)  It is sooo comfy and super cute too. 
Okay I am going to show you a picture of the skirt but I couldn't take a picture of it myself so I had to wait until hubby got home which means two things, 1- the lighting is terrible and 2- it is the end of the day and I am certainly no beauty queen come this time of night.  So please be kind :)
(do you like that my baby girl has to squeeze herself into the picture?)
Anyways I am pleased with it.  I like the movement it has, I like that it is long (because lets face shaving your legs whilst pregnant is no fun) and I really like the way it feels. 
So here are a few tips I might add to her tutorial.
- She said she used her waist measurement but she did not say if that was pre-pregnancy or current baby bump.  I figured the top is similar to my yoga pants and those still fit so I did my pre-pregnant waist.  It stretches and works just fine.
- I spaced whist buying the material to pick up an double needle and stretch needles.  So if you don't have a stretch needle use a zig-zag stitch down the sides of the skirt.  And if you don't have the double needle for the hem, I used the same hem I did on this dress from last year and it worked great.
- If I make another one (which is likely since as I said earlier I have worn this one for 3 days now,) I will make my bottom a bit wider.  I doubled the waist and added a few inches this time but next time I will add a few more.

So since I completed two "pintasks"  I have enjoyed pinning a few more things today.  Now to decide which life changing pin to complete next ( I think it might be the using nail polish to paint permanent underclothing on Barbie, BRILLIANT idea. And a cute ribbon applique turkey shirt for my girls.)

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Michelle P said...

I totally have this pinned too for use in the very near future. Yours turned out great and you look great too! Although I must add that I hate shaving my legs even when I am not pregnant. :)