Monday, November 15, 2010

A quick tutorial review {Go to Dress}

 Sorry about my lack of post recently.  Life just keeps happening.  So here is a quick review.  Today's review comes from The Train to Crazy.  This is a super fun cute blog and if you haven't checked it out.  But today I sewed her super cute Go to Dress.  And here are my results.

Isn't it super cute!!!  She did her tutorial with a serger but I do not have that luxury so I did it with my trusty old sewing machine. I did notice one thing off with the pattern.  When sewing the sleeves and you do your gathering, the dots on the pattern are on the wrong side.  You are gathering on the raw side not the folded side.  Other that that her instructions were super clear.  She left it up to you on how to do your hem and this is how I did mine.  She also has a page of Q&A's for this dress if you need anything cleared up.
Total Time: If I could sit down and sew uninterrupted if would have been 3 hours.
Total Cost:  I am not quite sure since I bought enough material to make 3 dresses and it was about 2 months ago.  Most on-line places have knits for $10/yd but I was lucky enough to find some cute ones at a local fabric store fr $6/yd.  Just keep your eyes open and be patient.  

I do have one tip for you to make your fabric go further.  Since everything is cut on the fold in this pattern I folded my material narrower to get more out of it.  If you are visual like I am this is what I mean.
(Sorry I didn't take pic's while doing folding so this demonstration is with a piece of paper)
Here is you material/(paper) unfolded.
 Go ahead and fold it like you normally would in half.  Then iron it and unfold it.
 Now fold it again so the edge meets up in the middle.

 Your pattern pieces should fit just fine on that.  I used the largest pattern and made it a smidgen bigger since a 5 would be to small on my oldest monkey.  And my pattern fit perfectly. 
Go have fun with this dress it is super quick and easy!

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