Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Counting Blessings

I really should have posted this a couple days ago, so if you want to play along you will have to play catch up.  But anyways for the past few years my family has counted our blessing everyday in Nov and with each blessing we count a small amount o change is thrown into a treasure box.  After all is gathered we then use that money to buy a Christmas present for someone less fortunate than us.  It has been a great tradition and has taught our family how blessed we are each year.  So if you want to play along here is a list of your blessings to count.

Day 1: Are you thankful for electricity?  For lights, computers, microwaves etc.  I so please donate 2 cents for every light bulb in your house.

Day 2: Most of the world lives beyond the reach of medical care.  If you are reading this you are probably blessed enough to have great medical care in your own home.  Donate 10 cents for every box of band aids you have.

Day 3: Are you grateful for your home and the protection it offers you?  Your windows and doors that give you freedom to control a breeze through your home?  If so donate 10 cents for every exterior door in your home.

Day 4: Do you ever have a hard time deciding what to wear? Not because your options are so few but because your options are so plentiful. Are you grateful for your clothes?  Donate 5 cents for every closest in your home.

Day 5: Are you grateful for indoor pluming?  How about toilet paper to go with it? Give 5 cents for every roll of toilet paper you have. (don't forget the ones you have stored away)

Day 6: To people in refugee camps even a sliver of soap is very precious.  How about you?  Give 5 cents for every bar of soap and 10 cents for every soap pump.

Day 7: Do you have to walk into town to get a bucket of water for washing, drinking, bathing and cooking?  Or are you so blessed to have running faucets?  I so give 10 cents for every faucet in your home.  Still thinking about how blessed we are with water.  Give 10 cents for every bath taken today and 20 cents for every shower taken.

Day 8: Most of the world is starving while we worry about being overweight.  Put in 1 cent for every pound mom and dad think they are overweight.

Day 9:  What a blessing it is to see. Donate 10 cents for each pair of glasses your family wears (don't forget sunglasses) and give 5 cents for each person in your home who wears contacts.

Day 10:  Children are one of God's greatest blessings.   Give 10 cents for each child in your home.

Day 11: So many families have lost their homes and now live in their car.  If you are so blessed to have a home and a car give 10 cents for each car your family owns.

Day 12:  Epidemics often follow natural disasters. This means there are many people who are truly sick.  Give thanks for the health in your family and give 50 cents for each person who was healthy enough to go to school/work today.

Day 13: The comfort of a clean warm bed is an undreamed of luxury for millions of people.  Give 5 cents or each bed in your home and 1 cent for every blanket.

Day 14: This time of year many of us have pulled out our coats and are wearing them while so many are truly cold.  Give 1 cent for every coat, rain coat, jacket (hoody) in your house.

Day 15:Most people in the world cook over an open fire.  Aren't you so glad you didn't have to chop wood this morning to cook? Give 5 cents for every burner on your stove, 10 cents for every stove and 25 cents for every microwave.

Day 16: This time of year many people loose their homes to fires without being able to do much about it. If you have the luxury of a phone that can call a fire department or 911 for any other emergency give 10 cents for each phone in your home.

Day 17: Many people in the world suffer excruciating pain from lack of dental care.  Give 5 cents for every tooth brush in your home.

Day 18: Many children in the world barely get 1 meal a day.  How about you? Give 5 cents or each meal/snack you've had today.

Day 19: Most people walk to school, church, work the store and wherever else they go.  Give 5 cents for every bike, skate board, roller blades or anything else with wheels.

Day 20: Give us this day our daily bread... Be thankful and give 1 penny for every slice of bread eaten in your home today.

Day 21: Count all the cans of food in your cupboard/pantry and give a penny for each one.  Now give thanks for the food and the technology to can food.

Day 22: Are you grateful for your fridge and freezer? Count all the packages of food in your freezer and give a penny for each.

Day 23: Make a list of all the fruits and vegetable you can think of.  Thank God for his delicious creations ad give a penny for each one.

Day 24: Many children do not have the luxury to attend school and barely learn to read or write.  Give a penny for each pen/pencil in your home.

Day 25: Most people in the world have never touched a computer.  Give 50 cents for each computer in your home.

I hope that you all can join in on this.  We are truly a blessed people.  Here is a picture that epitomizes what I am grateful for.  This was taken the day we brought our baby monkey home from the hospital.

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