Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Giving Thanks Days 17-25

Okay I have created a printable for the rest of the days.  One problem though, google documents isn't liking me today.  I am going to keep trying, in the mean time if you would like this document leave me your e-mail address and I will e-mail it to you. 
Here is what it looks like:
If you have any questions let me know. 

Now to go off subject for a moment.  In many ways this blog is for me, so I can keep track of things I do and learn.  With that being said I am grateful for each and everyone of my faithful followers and readers, you guys often make my day with your kind comments. I love to share what I have learned and what has been successful for me.  I also realize since I have been pregnant I have not been very consistent and my own personal creativity has lacked.  I thank you for being patient.  But in recent I have noticed that my follower #'s have been decreasing.  This saddens me a little bit.  Please if there is something I have done that has you considering unfollowing me let me know so I can try to do better.

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