Monday, November 21, 2011

Ginger Bread Houses

Every year my in-laws gather the family around to make ginger bread houses.  We usually do it the Saturday after Thanksgiving but there were conflicts this year so we combined with 3rd sun day dinner this year.  My girls absolutely LOVE this tradition, and I must admit I have a lot of fun too.
So our gingerbread houses are made and I am now trying to convince my children (and maybe myself) to not eat the candy off.  I took pictures today just in case someones will power doesn't last much longer. 
So here is my 4 yr old daughters house
 At first glance she just took random candy and placed it in random places.  But then she started to tell me about the house and the vision is much clearer.
The two chocolate bells are for music. And I quote "Can you hear them ring? DING, DING, DING."
The mirror is a pond for ice skating.  The fruit stripe gum on the chimney is a ladder.  The other pieces of fruit stripe gum are slides.
And these neccos on the back of the house are for playing hop scotch.  All in all I think I could live in this house, it is full of music, games and candy.  A real dream come true.

Here is my 6 yr old house.

 As you can see she was more organized about her decorating.  The gum drops on the chimney are Christmas lights.
She pretended that this side of the roof broke so she fixed it with Santa
And this side of the roof is shingled with neccos.  She also has a pond for ice skating.

And here is the house my hubs and I worked on together.

My favorite part is the sixlet snow of the roofs from the blue, white and silver sixlets.  I wanted my candy canes to stand up making a heart shape, for the fence but we didn't have the time to get them to stay so we improvised and laid them down. 

It was a fun night and I am already looking forward to next year. 

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Anonymous said...

cute , cute cute y'all are getting better and better every year !!!!