Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Preparing for Thanksgiving (and some other stuff)

Wow, I feel like I barley survived yesterday.  Trick-or-treating went great. We went to a down town trick-or-treat for awhile and then to a trunk-or-treat that started at 5, a few houses in the neighborhood and we were done at 6. It was the rest of the evening that about killed me.  I had to call poison control twice (go ahead send me the mother of the year award.)  So between throw up and my other child refusing to sleep for more than half the night today I feel like... (think of something great to insert here I am too tired.)

Okay I will stop complaining now, it was just one of those nights.  So I never showed you my girls all dressed up so I will do that now. 

I am really pleased with how they turned out.  And the weather for trick-or-treating was a dream.  This was yesterday before we left and I didn't need to add any jackets or long underwear to their costumes.  Now I have to point out the joy of living in Utah. These are pictures I took this morning, less than 24 hours after the Halloween pictures were taken.

Okay now for what I really came here to tell you.  It is November first which means it is time to get ready for Thanksgiving.  In my household we have this tradition where each day we count a different blessing and we add coins to a jar to show the blessing we counted.  Then at Thanksgiving we count up what we earned and decide on someone in greater need than us and figure out a way to donate the money to them.  Some years we buy a gift some years we donate it to charity, but all years we use it to help bless someone else's life. 
 I did post about this last year so for the moment I am going to send you to that post to get the details.  I am working on a printable but I cannot guarantee it will be up today.  As soon as it is ready I will post it but for now refer to last years post to get you and your family ready for Thanksgiving.

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