Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Themed Baby Shower

So I showed you a little sneak peak of the baby shower last week with my Wild Things Onesie.  Well here is how the rest of it went down.  First off I have to throw out a huge THANK YOU to the awesome lady who worked on this with me.  So I cannot take credit for everything you are about to see.  So we decided to do a general book themed shower, but then we focused down to 4 books; Where The Wild Things Are, Curious George, The Cat in The Hat and  The Little Engine That Could.  If you haven't guessed yet the baby is a boy. 
As usual I am going to apologize for the pictures, I have a crummy camera and I always seem to be in a rush...
Here are the onesies to go with the books (I could never get a design for The Little Engine so there are only 3 onesies.)
The Curious George Onesie melts my heart.  Well they all do.  Let's just say I really want a baby boy after making those onesies.  (Do you want a tutorial on how I did the Curious George Onesie?)
I didn't make this banner but it is so cute I have to show it to you.
It has so many cute details.  I am impressed.
I also didn't make this but again sooo cute.  Box cars to hold the sandwiches in.
And here is the rest of the food table.
I had the idea to use coconut shells as my fruit dip holders since this was a more tropical fruit platter.  I think they are cute.  I made coconut whip cream as the fruit dip to go into the coconut shells and it was yummy.
The place we did it at had these beautiful windows so we just put up a few of our other favorite children's books in the windows.

We took each book and made a table centered around that book.  I was in charge of  the Dr. Suess and Curious George.  And I just noticed that for some reason I don't have a picture of the Suess table but I used many of the same things I did from the Dr. Suess baby shower, just on a smaller scale.  Here are the rest of the tables.
The balloons were floating when I left to set up, but by the time the shower started they looked like this.  I bought one of those cheap helium tanks from Wally World, and well they are cheap.  I wish I would have taken the water balloons in somewhere to be filled and the effect would have been much cuter.  Also since they are not floating they are covering up the bowl that "George" is sitting on.  I just used a trifle bowl and filled it up with limes and bananas.
Not mine but I love how wild and green it feels.

Look at those place mats she made with the railroad tracks on the edges.  What a cute idea.  She used foam stickers so they would be more 3D.

So there you go.  I think it turned out very well and oh so cute. 


Grandma Hurst said...

very cute and clever.

Bonnie said...

Happy birthday, Lizzy! You make life a party! You and Lindsey and Lisa are true party girls. :)