Monday, September 13, 2010

Tutorial Monday {Temple Block}

Today's review comes from Lil' Luna-All Things Good. Kristyn is super creative and has lots of fun things happening on her blog.  She does something special and fun each day.  Tuesdays are her tutorial days.  She has awesome tutorials and good handful that are on my to do list.  But today we are going to talk about her Temple Blocks.

That is just so cute I had to do one.  Ok I did more than one.
My little monkeys even joined in the fun and made some.
Her tutorial is really straight forward and I really have nothing to add to it but have fun and be creative.
Here are some tips though.
-Remember when I did the dry erase calendar and I talked about getting sample paint from your local home improvement store.  That is the paint you want to use here as well.  It is less expensive and generally better quality than the little bottles of craft paint you buy at craft stores.
-Also don't be afraid to play with colors and ribbon.  I don't really like how the white one turned out but I am not so bummed because I have plenty others that I love.
-I think these would make great gifts for so many occasions. Weddings, babies, baptisms etc.
Total Cost: Less than $2 per block
I bought a board from home depot for $3 (I got 10 blocks from it).  They  also cut it into the size I wanted for 25cents a cut and the first two cuts were free. 
I used maybe 20cents worth of my paint per block
I already had modge podge on hand.  If you don't have modge podge and have never bought any before you might have a little sticker shock when you see the price, but it lasts a good long time.  It's also a great item to use you 40-50% off coupons at craft stores. 
And I am a ribbon addict so I already had all that on hand as well but you can get a spool of ribbon for a really good price.  I love to get my ribbon from The Ribbon Retreat.
Total Time: about 30 min.
Most of that time is waiting for the paint to dry so actively working on the block is about 10 min.
Thanks Kristyn for such a cute easy craft that I love.
If you would like to know more about temples and the LDS religion you can find out more here.

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Lance and Nicole said...

I think these blocks are cute. Yeah, about your blog...that happened to mine too. Just go to the site you got it from because they've updated the codes for it. Just get the new code and update it.

Lil' Luna said...

Thanks for the feature!! Your blocks turned out awesome. I love how the ribbon can add so much. :)