Thursday, September 16, 2010

Foot Ball Cake Pops

My nephew is celebrating a birthday this month and he loves football.  So for our family birthday bash I made him cake pops that looked like footballs. I am pretty happy with them.
(Sorry not the best picture I was running late)
They were really simple to do as well I just formed them into a footballish shape and dipped them in chocolate.  Then I used a thin royal icing with Wilton tip#2 to make the lacing on them.  They were no where near perfect but my nephew loved them nonetheless.  I also used a homemade brownies and mint icing (my nephew's favorite dessert).  I would suggest that you add extra extract to the icing since you won't use all the icing to make the mint flavor really pop.  You could also add crushed Andes mints. 
I sure am enjoying making these.
*If you have not made cake pops before and need a how to visit Bakerella.  She is the cake pop expert.

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