Monday, September 20, 2010

T-Shirt Dress Flop

I made my 5 yr old monkey a super quick and easy dress this weekend.  The problem is I hate it.  You see I took 2 old dingy shirts and I wanted to turn them into something new and fabulous. 

I ended up turning them into something new and dingy. 

Oh well.  I think this dress could be cute if you used new fresh t-shirts.  I also think it would be much cuter if you made it for a younger child so you could make the dress an empire waist instead of a normal waist. 
The dress only took about 20 min to make.  Since I am so  bummed about it at the moment I am not posting a tutorial but if you want to give it a go with fresh t-shirts and want the tutorial just let me know and I will post it. 


Anonymous said...

Is this the Simply Spray Tutorial?

Liz said...

No the tye dye was done at a tye dye party with todye4.