Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who messed my fabric up?

So I promised you guys some back to school sewing.  I've chosen what I am making, I have picked up my fabric, I have washed my fabric and when I went to iron my fabric I couldn't get it to line up.  I finally got it to work but this is what the edges look like.
 The middle is all nice and lined up with no weird folds or creases but the selvages are messed up.  I hate when that happens.  Not only because it takes so much time to iron but because it causes 3 things to run through my mind. 1- Did the person who cut the fabric mess up? 2- Is the fabric messed up? or 3- Am I messed up?
Here's hoping it's number 1. Otherwise I don't think this project is going to work out...  And with such pretty fabric that would be a shame.

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