Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Okay I have been sucked in...  I haven't done much crafting but I have waisted plenty of time on pinterest.  But in short this site is AWESOME.  I love organizing all my bookmarks and being able to visualize my bookmarks.  I also love all the other cool stuff I see out there.
Great organizational ideas like folding your sheets and storing them in their pillowcase.

Or ideas of things I want to do for my kids. Like purchase this book and have all their teachers throughout the years sign it.  Then give it to them as a graduation gift. 

Or something really mind blowing like making a wreath form for less than $1.

We can't forget the really important thing like super yummy looking recipes. (Smores baked in a canning jar, ohhhh)

And the really cute things I want to make.  (Post pregnancy and I don't think I can eat any of the above if I want it to look good on me, but a girl can dream...)

There are endless other things on pinterest I love as well.  Next to my followers there is a pinterest button if you want to follow me and see what else catches my fancy.  And if your not a member and you want to join just leave a comment with your e-mail address and I will send you an invite.

Hopefully I will be crafting soon again:)  I have some back to school things I would like to sew...

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Rachel J said...

Ah fun, I'll be following you, I love Pinterest! I also love that idea of s'mores in a jar--I mean that's a lot of s'mores but man it looks good!