Monday, July 25, 2011

An Announcement

Well I have been trying really hard the past few weeks to not fall off the edge to the earth.  I am afraid I haven't been as successful as I would like.  But I do have a good reason.  Let me first show you the one thing I have crafted in the past month. A cute onsie for my youngest child.
I made this a few weeks ago and went a visited grandma's.  Did you catch on quicker then they did?

So anyways it will probably be a few weeks before I begin to feel somewhat normal again.  I am 11 weeks along and I usually have a hard time until about 16 weeks so please be patient with me.  But if you have any anti-nausea tips I am willing to listen:)


Mel said...

congratulations! I am currently 7 weeks along with #2, so I'm definitely feelin' ya on the neausea (sp?)!! I have found that lemon helps quite a bit...even sometimes just smelling a lemon helps me get thru a bad wave. I like to eat Italian ice and drink water with lemon in it.

good luck! and I hope you feel better asap!!

Anonymous said...

Get a prescription of Zofran from your doctor. It is safe and works according to young women I know that have used it. I'm a gramma so I don't need it. Luckly I never had nausea with my 5 pregnancies.