Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Super Yummy Bean Dip

So in January we were invited over to my brother-in-laws house and he served us this bean dip that ever since I have had dreams about.  It is the perfect combination of creamy, beany, cheesy and spicy.  It was something that I had to get the recipe for (as did every one else attending.)
Today because I haven't gotten any sewing done I thought I would make it up to you by sharing this magnificent recipe with you. 
So here you go:
1 can of chili
1 8oz pkg cream cheese
1 c grated cheese
2 drops of hot sauce (or to taste)

Throw it all in a pan on med-low heat until it is all melted together. And VOILA! 
Pretty easy isn't it.
I really like to pair it with cottage cheese.  I think it balances out a bit of the heat.
Enjoy!  I know I sure did.

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