Thursday, June 23, 2011

Paper Garland

So I have a new favorite Party Decoration.  Stacked paper garland.  It is so cute, fast and easy to make and really inexpensive.  I got the idea from Kojo Designs.  You can read her tutorial on it there too. I made it for the baby shower I did last week but trust me I will be using this idea over and over again. Here is how mine turned out.
I tied a balloon to the bottom because I didn't use card stock for all my pieces so they were kinda curling a little bit.  I think next time I will glue two pieces of my non card stock together so it has a front and back and a little more weight.
But over all I would say this project was perfectly imperfect.  And that is how I like to do things.  The solid card stock I used was 8X11 paper and the colored pattern paper was 12X12.  So I cut a variety of strips that were 12 inch long, 8 inches long and 11 inches long.  I cute them any where between 1-2 inches thick and I think the variety was just perfect.  I LOVED how they turned out.  I made 6 and hung them around the room.  All 6 took be between 30-45 min from start to finish.  How awesome is that. 
So they next party you throw and you need and cute, inexpensive and fast decoration these come HIGHLY recommended by me.

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