Thursday, June 30, 2011

One Last Baby Shower Post

Okay here is the last post of what we did for this past baby shower.  You know after doing three baby showers this year and not having another one to do I think I might go crazy:)  Any one want me to throw them a baby shower???
Anyways here is the last thing I did.  I got the idea from Sarah Ortega

Onesie Cupcakes and how cute are they?  They were simple to make, once I got the hang of them.  Sarah suggests using your hand to make the cupcake top, then roll the receiving blanket with the onesie in it.  That method for some reason did not work for me.  So I rolled the blanket but I used two fingers in the middle to insure I had space, than I placed the onesie over the blanket and made the shape I wanted.
Also be sure to buy the larger coffee filters for the wrappers.  Otherwise you will end of with over 1000 coffee filters and you don't drink coffee...
Here's a view from the top.
Oh I love them.  And they were on a pretty white cake stand too.
One more thing to show you.  My mom made a diaper cake and she did a pretty good job too. 

I just love the bright summer colors!!!  And I love that I didn't make it:)

I hope you are having a great summer!

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