Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Shower Rattle Cookies

Do you remember the baby shower invites I did a little bit ago?  Well The baby shower has since come and gone. (That along with Fathers Day and Birthday Parties kept me away from the computer last week. Sorry.) But we used the bright beautiful colors on the invites in the rest of the stuff we did.  So today I am going to show you the dessert I made.  Cookie Pops or Baby Rattles whatever you want to call them.
I think they turned out so cute.  I just made a yummy sugar cookie recipe and divided it in half.  Into one half I added yellow food coloring and a little bit of lemon extract.  I glued those cookies together with a lemon butter cream frosting.
The other half I added pink food coloring.  I glued them together with a chocolate ganache.
When I made them I did not stand them up immediately.  I left them on a cookie sheet in the fridge until a little bit before the shower started.  This was gravity would have a hard time conquering them.
To serve and display them I covered a Styrofoam block with cute paper.  I could not find a glue that would adhere the paper to the Styrofoam unfortunately so I used little satin pins.
Of course the little bow around the stick gave them the final cuteness edge and I think everyone enjoyed them.  It was really a fast, simple, cute and perfect dessert for a baby shower.



Michelle Peterson said...

These are adorable! I bet it was an awesome shower.

Ashley said...

It was a great shower and the cookie rattles were not only adorable, but also delicious! Great job Liz!