Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tutorial Review {Baby Stacking Blocks}

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday yesterday.  I sure did, my DH had the day off work and he did dishes and cleaned house while I took a break.  Best holiday ever if you ask me.  So today I am here to get back on the ball and do a review.  This is another craft that I did at my girly craft night a few weeks ago.  So this craft comes from Merriment Design
Merriment Design has tons of cute crafts for children and babies.  And a lot of them are for little boys. She also has lots of yummy recipes, not to mention holiday crafts and a slew of other fun crafts.  For example I love her baby tag blanket.  The fabric she used, the pockets and attaching toys to the tags.  GENIUS.
 And her version of applique is darling.  With a capital D!

But today we are going to make the baby stacking blocks.

 I think these are so cute.  I love that they are big and fun too. Here is my finished block.
 I chose to go with black, white, red and yellow because I think they are super fun together and can be boy or girl. I added a few fun things as well.  On two if the sides I added a square of chip bag to make it nice and crinkly. I cleaned out the bag and cut out squares.  After I ironed on the interfacing I sewed the bag onto 2 blocks.  I just went down to two sides to hold it in place.  Also it works much better if the bag is on top instead of on bottom while sewing.

 I also used the super soft fabric on one of the sides for some fun and texture.

 Now for the baby test. She's sees it and is grabbing it.
 Ohh look at that smile,  I think she likes it.
Total Time: 45 min
Total Cost:  ?
This is hard to say considering I used mostly scraps.  But lets just say it wasn't pricey.  I did buy a bag of larger bells for 99cents.  There were enough bells for 2 blocks in that bag.  Other than that I can't really say a price.
-Defiantly use larger bells.  They make a much better ring.
-Don't forget to iron open your seems.
Have fun!

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Stacey,momof 2 said...

This makes me laugh... I just recieved some old craft books with the fabric block project -- I was going to do THIS!
and here I see you have complete instructions! WOW! We must be like minded? -- I am going to use the new Sunchips bags that are biodegradable... they make a really loud sound!
I'll be putting your blog on my list of ones to read!