Monday, October 25, 2010

Product Review {Simply Spray}

 Have you heard of the website Totally Tutorials?  It is an awesome website that features, well you guessed it, tutorials.  They also do a fun product exchange on their website as well, where company's will give some free product to craft blogger's and in return we blog about our experience with them,  Well I was lucky enough to be chosen to get to play with some super fun Simply Spray.  I originally was going to use this simple spray to make personalized onesies as a baby shower activity.  But life happened and changed my plans.  So instead I did a baby craft night with a bunch of lovely ladies.  my past few posts have been other crafts we did that night as well.  And if you have read those post you will know that I forgot my camera and had to use my mothers and getting pictures from hew has been a it of a challenge.  Well I finally have some pictures so here we goooooooooo.
 Here is an example of what simple spray can do.  I used it to paint this cute little helmet onto the bum of a onesie.
 Isn't that super cute.  Well let me show you how to use simply spray so you can make one for yourself.  I am also going to show you how not to use simply spray.  You see the instructions are clearly printed on the can and they also have a hint and tip part of their website (here).  But I didn't think these were important so I had to learn my lesson the hard way.
First there are some other supplies you will need besides simply spray and a onesie (or shirt or whatever you want to paint).
 A stencil (as always I use cookie cutters)
freezer paper (you can find this next to the aluminium foil at the grocery store)
x-acto knife

Step 1- Choose what shape you want to work with and trace it onto the paper side of the freezer paper.  Cut this shape out with an x-acto knife.
Step 2- Place the shape on you onesie where you want it to be and iron it on. (hot dry iron about 8-10 sec)

 Step 3- Place on covered work area and make sure all parts of onesie are covered that you don't want painted. And place a piece of cardboard between onesie so paint doesn't bleed through to back.
 If you fail to cover all areas you don't want painted the paint will splatter onto those area's. I know this isn't the best pic but if you look there at the bottom right you will see the corner of where the freezer paper ended and all around it is paint.  Whoops.
 Step 4- Spray paint the onesie. 
 Please keep can 8ish inches away from the onesie and remember to start and stop spraying on a piece of scrap fabric. (a paper towel works as well)  If you don't do these things your material will get to saturated and bleed and you will get big weird blobs of paint that will bleed.
Step 5- Wait an hour for it to dry, peel the freezer paper off and voila!
FYI  I love love love the yellow polka-dot one.
There are a few other things you can do with the simple spray as well.  You can tye-dye with it.

 You can mix the paint colors.  (Just make sure you let them dry long enough or they will bleed.)

 I did yellow, pink, then yellow again, but I didn't let it dry long enough in-between.  Otherwise this would have been way cute.

  Or you could do it as a resist.

 So many fun things you can do with it.  I am kinda glad that I didn't do it as a baby shower activity first because it does require a bit of practice.  Now that I know what I am doing and have done it with a group I feel more confident.  So here are the suggestions I would make to you if you want to do it as a baby shower activity.
1-Pre-cut out shapes to save time.
2- Have a really large work area with lots and lots of newspapers.
3- Make sure you have every one's attention as you explain how to do it and show them what happens if they don't do it correctly. (I would also leave a few instructions/tips sheets around the area they could refer to for help)
4- I wouldn't suggest tye-dye or color mixing because of time constraints.
5- Have fun and be creative!!! And at the end hang up all the onsies on a "clothes line" to show them off.

Here are a couple of pictures of people working on onesies at the craft night the other night.

Have fun!!!

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Baby Games said...

wow nice, so creative, what kind of spray did you use? is good souvenir for baby shower
mickey Buarao

Liz said...

I just used the regular simply spray. There is a link to there website at the beginning of the post. I think the stencil spray would work better for some of these projects. It would be a cute souvenir.