Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tulle Christmas Tree

So another way cute Christmas craft that I have seen on pinterest is this tulle Christmas tree.  It is super cute and I loved it immediately.  So I followed the link to find out how they made it.  (You can find the original here.)  But much to my dismay it required buying 73inch tulle and hand sewing.  Bleh I am much to lazy for that so I made up my own version and here is how it turned out.

I think it is really quiet cute.  So what I did is pretty straight forward.  Sorry I didn't take pics as I went but let me know if you have any questions.

So for my base I started out just sticking a wooden dowel in a Styrofoam block.  But after playing with the dowel for a moment (aka draping tulle over it) it became loose and would not stand straight.  So I fixed that by grabbing a wad of modeling clay which I stuck on top of the Styrofoam and then jabbed the dowel through both.  It has help up fine since. 

I used to rolls of 6 inch tulle.  I just started at the bottom draping the tulle back and forth over the dowel.  I for my length I just followed how much dowel was left until the top.  Luckily the tulle rips somewhat easily so you can just push it down on top of the dowel to create a hole and move on to your next section.  No need for cutting, no need for hand sewing.  Just take the tulle from the bottom to the top and push it down.  Make sure you go all directions to fill out your tree.

At the top I hot glued a gold ribbon.  I also sprayed my tree with spray adhesive the used gold glitter sparingly around it.  I think it gave it a really pretty effect.

There you go a quick easy and inexpensive craft for you if you still need another decoration for your home.

I hope you are all having a great holiday season!

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