Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Behavior Rewards Chart (and a sneak peak at the 100 followers prize)

So my middle child just earned herself a barbie doll by sleeping in her own bed for a full week.  After 2 years of trying to accomplish this goal, it is was amazing.  But this made my eldest child jealous and now she wants to earn a barbie doll herself.  Since she is older though and a fairly well behaved child making a goal for her was slightly more complicated.  So here is what I did.
You see I have 2 laminated sheets, one for the smiley faces she is working on earning and one for the smileys she has earned.  I laminated the sheets so I could change the goal and prize as needed with a dry erase marker.  As I mentioned before she wants a new barbie doll.  So we decided that she needs to work on obeying the first time I ask her to do something.  When she does and completes the task she will earn a Smiley Face.  When she has 20 smiley faces she will get her barbie doll.
Also below the box that has the earning faces in it, I made a pocket to store all the smileys in.  I did this by cutting a strip of paper and gluing the sides and bottom to the smiley box piece of paper.  Then after it was laminated I simply took some open scissors and cut along the top of the pocket so it opens up.
As you notice too I am using tape.  I played with the idea of magnets or velcro dots, but since I want this chart to be more flexible I decided to use un-permanent tape.

I hope this give some one a good idea to help with their children as well.  Keep in mind that no one chart works for everyone.  Depending on the age of the child, the personality of the child and even the personality of mom is what determines if a certain chart will work for you or not.

So I mentioned last week that we are approaching 100 followers.  When those 100 followers are reached I will do a giveaway.  And you can start entering for this prize right now.  You can read about that here.  I have decided on the prize and it is going to be awesome.  Here is a little sneak peak:)
So get to referring people so you can win this darling prize:)

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