Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Sneak Peak, Plus One More Way to Enter!

Here's another quick sneak peak at the prize for when I reach 100 followers.
Do you have any guesses? 
-Remember you can start entering now by referring people to come and follow me.  All they have to do is follow and then leave a comment telling me who referred them over and boom, your entered.
-Also I will give you another entry if you blog about and/or facebook  your favorite post from me then leave me a link in a comment so I can verify that you did so.  Plus this is a great way to refer people too!

I sure love you all I am want to give this beautiful item away so get busy!


Ashley said...

Hey Liz. Looks like a super cute apron. :) You are amazing. I follow your blog through my rss feed, always reading!

Anonymous said...

it's an apron! an APRON! a super cute reversable apron! and I want to win, but I do not twitter or have a google acct. How can I follow you, join for the giveaway ect? I do facebook and email.