Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines (a day late.)

Yesterday I spent spoiling my family and friends that I love so I didn't have the time to share the love with you.  But don't worry here I am today.  First off my sweet monkey children wanted to say Happy Valentines to you.
 Ain't they cute in their Love t-shirts?
Second I wanted to show you the Valentines I made.  I got instructions for making the box here.
I used poster board because that is what I had on hand and I didn't take the time to cover the side strips with cute paper (it just wasn't worth my time.)  But I think they box turned out super cute!
 And it was filled with delicious things.
 I made all these chocolates and they are not things you would expect.
You see these first two are rice krispie treats.  I saw someone make a whole cute box of them and I loved the idea.  Unfortunately I can't remember where I saw it to share with you the full fledged creation.  But whoever you are thanks for the great idea.

 This one (that I wasn't patient enough with in setting) is just a heart shaped marshmallow.  The kids liked these one's, I could pass these ones up easily.
 This one was inspired by my favorite candy, chocolate covered cinnamon bears.  But I wanted a Valentine shape so it is chocolate covered cinnamon lips.
 And this last one ended up being my real favorite.  Again I saw the idea from someone else and now I can't find who you are, but I LOVE you!  I took a mini Reese's peanut butter cup and smooshed it between two pretzels then dipped them in chocolate.  It was heavenly delicious.
 I just had to show you this one little thing.  I bought the candy wrappers one day at a store thinking of this then another day and another store I bought the paper to wrap the box in.  It wasn't until I went to put them together that I made a near perfect match.  I was pretty happy with my subconscious self.
Anyways I hope you all had a great Valentines and I sure do love you too.
PS. If you happen to have seen those other tutorials for the rice krispie treat or the pretzel one let me know so I can link back to them  Thanks a million.

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Tiffany said...

that box is definitely a cute idea!!! I'm going to have to try that!