Monday, October 4, 2010

Tutorial Review {Baby Snap on Bib}

Okay so I don't have all the pictures I want of this but I have enough to do a post so here you go. 
This review comes from Sew4Home.  Sew4Home is an awesome website for anyone who likes to sew, especially who like to sew home decor.  Home decor sewing has always scared me but as I browse their site I am filled with inspiration and with hope.  Here are some of their projects that are on my to do list.
They just posted this one today and when I saw it I swear I heard the heavenly choir sing.  It is an answer to my prayers and my monkeys are getting them for Christmas this year.   It is a Roll Up Nap Blanket.  Here is the tutorial.
 Next is this adorable apron.  It reminds me of the ones you see for sale at boutiques for like $40.  Yeah I ain't spending no $40 on an apron. But I can now make one for less than $10!  Here is the tutorial.
 With all three of my monkeys I have bought a different diaper bag and I have hated them all.  I think this in the answer to that problem.  So cute and functional!  Here is the tutorial.
 And last this is something I really need to make.  You see my sewing machine was a hand-me down gift.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE my sewing machine, but it didn't come with everything a new one does like a cover.  So I really need to do this. Here is the tutorial.
 Now for what I have made and the tutorial I am reviewing.  It is their baby snap on bib.  Here is their link.
Aren't those soooo cute.  They are a nice big size too.  I love how they are simple yet darling.  Here is one of my finished bibs.  (As I mentioned in my last post I don't have all my pics but I will show you some more later.)
I think it is darling! 

 I did make one minor change though.  The fact that the bib took just over 1/2 a package of bias tape kinda drove me crazy.  So I slightly shortened their pattern so I could get to bibs out of one package of bias tape.

 It still fit my baby just fine.
 I love this bib and I will be making more.  I think it is a great thing to keep on hand for baby gifts.
If you have never worked with snaps before practice on scrap fabric first.  It can be a little confusing the first time you do it.
They mention in the tutorial that when pinning the bias tape to the tight curve neck part that it looks like a porcupine, well if your not careful it feels like one too :)
Make sure to pre-wash fabric. Especially since you are combining two different types of fabric that will have different shrinkage the first time they are washed.
About 1 1/2 hours.  Most of that is pinning the bias tape on, but with practice you get faster.
Total Cost:
This depends on the fabric you use.  But the priciest part it the bias tape.  The cheapest place to get bias tape is wally world but they don't have a stellar selection.  
I would say this bib cost me $2 in the end.

As always if you make one I would love to see a picture!


Andrea said...

I really need to stop checking this blog because every time I do there is a project I want to try and I just don't have time for all of that. I havn't even watched any tv or movies in a MONTH because I've been so busy. I need life to slow down a little because I really want to make that darling apron. Maybe a christmas-y one.

Liz said...

It is a super cute apron.