Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lets Talk About Hair.

A long time ago before I discovered craft blogs, food blogs or even friends and family members blogs I discovered Hair blogs.  For me that is where the blogging world began.  And I am just as impressed with them a few years later as I was when I first discovered them.  Although I have fine tuned to a few of my favorites.  When I first started following the blogs I thought to myself, "I am a smart person, after learning a few techniques I will be able to come up with my own darling hair do's."  Well I was wrong, anything I have tried to come up with myself has been horrible.  So what these ladies do is truly amazing and they are so talented. 
Seeing as the pictures from their websites are of their children I will not be showing you any of their pictures only what I have done. 
So here is a really quick selection of some cute do's. 
This last do was taken this morning.  The first day of Kindergarten for my eldest monkey.  But she chose what she wanted all by herself.  We scrolled through pictures until he saw what she was looking for.  I think she has very good taste.  it is simple yet elegant.  Hair is out of her face but mostly down.
Okay now for the part you've been waiting for, the links to my favorite hair blogs.
First my all time fav is:
Jenn is amazingly talented and I absolutely love what she can do.  Plus she has a facebook page and on this page she has a photo album with a picture of just about every hair do she has done and when you click on that picture you get a link to the tutorial on  how to do  the style.  This is the way my monkey picked her hair style this morning. 
Next on my fav list is:
If the name of the blog isn't wonderful enough the things she comes up with certainly is.  Her daughter had amazingly long hair and they recently donated it to Locks of Love so now she has super cute short hair.  So you can find both long and short hair tutorials here.  It's wonderful. 
She also inspired me in how I get my monkeys to stay still while I do their hair.  I tell my girls stories about princes (name inserted) and her beautiful hair.  They love it and it helps them be patient with me.
She also has a facebook page with a wonderful searching photo album.
And my other favorite is:
Her family is much like mine with 3 little girls (hers are a bit older than mine though). But she has post on baby hair through older girl hair.  Which is great.  I also adore her slogan
"Makeing the World a Prettier Place One Head of Hair at a Time."

So if you are a lucky person like me with darling little girls you can go do their hair with confidence now because these amazing ladies have a talent. I certainly do not. 

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