Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to Tutu

First off I need to say I did not come up with this. I took a combination of knowledge from my sister(Amy), my friend(Rachel), the Internet and a few others. So here is a link for you to look at.
Now to enhance that knowledge.

1- I much prefer to buy tulle on a spool for this. It is so much faster, yes it cost a little bit more, but not that much.

2- I prefer the strips to be 3x24. I know what your thinking most spools of tulle come in 6 inch. Well just take a rotary cutter and slice right through the middle of it. The 24 in because I like that length, you can shorten it or lengthen it according to your desires. (note it will be halved so it is 12 inches made)

3- Staple your elastic. It so much easier.

4- Just to show you a close up of how to loop (I did it backwards on the 1st one I did and it drove me nuts because the knots were on the inside not the outside)

Make a loop in the center of your tulle on the outside of the elastic

Fold the loop down and behind the elastic

Pull the tulle through the loop

And pull it tight

4- I like to add bling. Get creative, just browse craft stores and something fabulous will come to you I am sure.
On this one after every 3rd piece of tulle I added a piece of that really frilly yarn

Feather Boa Waist. I have also seen this done with a cute thick silky ribbon and a big bow.

This is my personal fav. On half of the white tulle I glued on sequins.

Have fun and be creative. This craft cost less then $5.00 and is totally worth it. Let me know if you have any questions.

Next to come is fairy wings (again thanks to Rachel and the Internet)

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