Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am not a quilter...

Wow I know I haven't been around these parts a lot recently.  I apologize if you have missed me.  And I will apologize again because for the next few months I cannot promise any consistency.  It has something to do with being about to have baby #4....
Anyways with baby #4 being my first boy I wanted to make him something special.  I didn't think a dress would cut it this time:)  So I have taken on my first ever quilt.  (Okay I take that back I tried one once, right after I graduated high school, but that thing is to never ever see the light of day...)
So here is how it has been going: It terrifies me, which means I procrastinate it.  I am not a perfectionist or by any means a precise person so when I do work on it the work is slow and often has to be re-done.  At this moment I don't believe I will ever quilt again.
Timeline: I bought material in Oct.  I washed material in November.  I started cutting out material 4 weeks ago.  3 weeks ago I was at this point. Figuring out the layout.
I have been working fairly diligently on it for the last 3 weeks and I am now at this point.
I am pretty happy with how it is turning out.  But man is it work.  Sewing a dress an 1/8th of an inch makes hardly makes any difference, this is a very different story.
So I do have a question for you.  What color of thread would you use to do the actual quilting?  I am going to trace some dinosaurs and then make them bigger on my copier, trace those onto freezer paper, cut them out and use those as my quilting shapes.  Should I switch the colors I use?  Should I just use black, or blue?  What would you do?  Thanks for the help.

ps. I am using this pattern from Moda Bake Shop.

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