Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holiday Sewing

Okay I am sooooo sorry I disappeared.  Let's just say strep throat, coughing harder than I have ever coughed before and being too congested to get any sleep is what has consumed my life the past while.  And that isn't including my children.  So now that I am really late let me show you one of the presents I made my girls for Christmas.

I saw this skirt over at Prudent Baby and I thought it was simple and perfect.  So I decided to make it for all 3 of girls.  I adjusted it a little to fit all the girls, luckily the waist and width were just about the same.  My youngest had a waist or 21, my middle is 19 and my eldest was 22.  I am not sure if this says more about how skinny my middle child is or how round my youngest tummy is but that's what they were.

Here is how they turned out.

(wow sorry that last one needed to be ironed but....)
I also measured from waist to just under their knee and figured out seem allowances etc to get the right size cut out.  If you are new to this and want more details on how to adjust the size let me know.

I think they turned out really cute.  I also made the tights to go with each skirt which I think makes the outfit jump.
I used this tutorial over at Choose to Thrive.  When I told my mother this was what I was doing she thought I was crazy.  Then she sent shopping for girls fashion tights and told me I was a genius.  Amazing how that price tag changed her mind... 
So I made all three of these skirt and tight pairings for less than $20.  I love not spending a bunch of money!

I will be back soon to show you another super cute gift I made and then to show you the progress I am making on my very first quilt....

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Britt said...

I just tried this skirt for my older girl and love it! I found only one flaw. After cutting the elastic 1 inch longer as per directions, I ended up cutting off over 1 inch to make it fit. It would have been HUGE in the waist if I left it with an extra inch. I'll post a photo of mine as soon as I get the other skirt done!