Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick Pics of Halloween Costumes

So the costumes are done.  Yeah!!!  They are so cute.  I thought I would take some quick pics to share them with you. I didn't do their hair cute and they were very uncooperative so these really are not great pics but you will get the idea of the cuteness of these costumes. 
It all started with my eldest daughter wanting to be a bat for Halloween.  She was very adamant about it.  Then we got a costume catalog in the mail and she saw a "Baterina" (Bat+ Ballerina) and she fell in love.  So I started planning making her costume. 
A few days later as I was browsing pinterest I saw a costume for a little girl with a white tu-tu and a white shirt with a ghost face on it.  I thought it was darling so I showed it to my 4 year old who was still wishy washy on what she wanted to be and she liked it.  So boom my decision was made. 
With a bat ballerina and a ghost ballerina I thought my baby girl would be darling as a pumpkin ballerina. So that's what we are doing.
 So for the bat wings I just made them exactly like I would fairy wings (wire, duct tape and nylons.) Then for the vein things I just hot glued purple tulle on.  The day of Halloween I am going to do two buns on the top of her head and tie a black bow around them.  I think that will be a good cross between bat ears and ballerina buns.
 Here is my little ghost girl.  I haven't decided what I am doing with her hair yet.  Any brilliant suggestions.  For the shirt I used heat bond to applique the face on.
So you would think that finding a solid orange shirt in October wouldn't be hard.  Well it was near impossible so I bought her white tights and a white shirt and dyed them orange.  I have a little orange crocheted beanie for her to wear and I will clip in a green korker bow.  I think that will make her a darling little pumpkin.
So there you have it.  Hopefully I will have some daddy help next time I go to take pictures and I will have some better ones for you.


Suzy said...

Awww, the costumes are so adorable on your beautiful little girls. Love it, you are so talented!!

Anonymous said...

great job Mom !!!!!! I sorta want a costume now too, maybe a G'ma Frankenstine tutu !!!!