Thursday, October 6, 2011


Okay sorry it has taken me forever to get this up but I am finally here.  So I have been working on getting my Halloween decorations up and it has been really fun this year.  So here is what I have and if it is something I made I will let you know.
I don't have a mantle so most of my decorations go on top of the piano.  Here are a few close up shots.  I just used a really thick ribbon as my runner and I think it is cute.
 My neighbor made me these blocks and I love them.  As you can see from this angle it says both "boo" and "fall."  If you were to keep twisting them you would also see "love," "luck," "home," and "noel."  They are awesome blocks and I love them! You can check out here blog here.
 The only thing I really made here was the book pumpkin.  I saw the idea here and I loved it.  Easy, quick and cheap: just the way I like them (crafts that is.)
Here it all is together.  As you can see I also filled some vases with candy.  Cute, but with 3 kids it is turning into a headache.

 Now I also have a large entertainment center so I have decorated the top 3 shelves as well and here they are.
I got the idea for the plate from here. I just used a little bottle of puffy fabric paint though.
 I did make the Hocus Pocus sign with vinyl. (I can't wait till next month to show you the other side!)
 I made this wreath. I got the inspiration from here.  I also printed off the cute nightmare thing from here.  I got the frame for a thrift store for 75cents and spray painted it orange.  It is a really crumby spray painting job but that just makes it more halloweenish, right.
 I also made a few more wreaths at the request of my dear mother so here is another one I made. I love the bird in it. I got the bird from the dollar store.

So there you go.  As you can see I have been doing something:) Best part is they were all ver inexpensive, most supplies coming from the dollar store.  Anyways I will soon have Halloween costumes made and I am super excited for those!

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