Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day Of School Shirt

So last week I showed you all the massively cute jeans I made for my girls. Well today I am going to show you the top!
Sorry to tell you though it isn't a tutorial.  Remember the Easter dresses I made my girls this year?  Well this shirt came in the pattern as well. 
I did make some of the same adjustments as I did for the dress as well.  I made the neck line higher and I made my own bias tape (once you start making bias tape you will never go back!)  But on this shirt I wanted the ruffle to be more ruffled than it was on the dresses.  I was happy with the look but it caused one problem: The ruffle that got wrapped under made a big poof.  So I found the spots where a ruffle naturally ends/begins and I tacked those spots down.  I used my sewing machine to tack down instead of doing it by hand because I am lazy like that. 
All you do is turn the feed dog on you machine off.  This way you material will stay in one spot under the needle.  Then I set my needle to do a slight zig zag.  And voila that spot is down for good.

This wrap dress/top pattern is one of the best patterns I have ever bought.  Totally worth it!
So a super cute shirt plus super cute jeans= one amazingly cute first grader on her first day of school.

Best part is:  For both my girls back to school outfits I spent $12!  Not $12 per outfit but $12 total!!!  You really can't beat that.
Now to wait a week to send the pre-schooler off and maybe some sanity will begin to return....


Michelle P said...

This outfit is seriously adorable. I am still in love with the pants (what an awesome idea!!!) but this shirt was totally worth the wait. So cute. You are awesome Liz.

Rachel J said...

Aw, so perfect for a first grader, too! Love the polka dots.

Is Impatience a Virtue? said...

Oh, how sweet! I've been doing the "impatient dance" ever since last week's post! :-D It turned out to be really cute!

Question: What kind of material did you use for the blouse -- was it knit or just plain cotton?

Great outift! Thanx for sharing. Hope you have a great day!

Liz said...

I used cotton. Glad you guys like it!

L2L said...

I started saving my boys jeans for my daughter to use when she grows into them so I can add ruffles. I gave you some blog love, thought you might want to see!!!!