Saturday, April 30, 2011

100 Fan giveaway Revealed

First off I would like to say welcome to all the new followers, especially those coming from French Frills.

  So last I checked we were at 92 followers which means we are only 8 away from 100!  Some of you have already guessed what the prize is but here is a full fledged shot.
(doesn't the chair make a lovely model? go ahead and give it an oh-la-la)
So yes it is a SUPER CUTE apron and it could be yours. 

Here's how you can start entering to win now:
-Refer a friend to come and follow me, then they need to make a comment telling me who sent them over and you will be entered.
- Blog and/or facebook your favorite post from this blog, than leave me a comment with a link.

When we reach 100 followers new ways to enter will be provided, but go ahead and get a head start now.

FYI: someone had a question about entering with out being a follower, let me say it is super easy and free to sign up for a google account and become a follower, if for some reason you are against getting a google account, go and "Like" my facebook page and that will be acceptable:)

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