Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quick and Easy Cape

Another one of the fun dress ups I did for my aunt was a cape.  This was super simple and easy.  I simply cut a cape shape out of the material I was using.  I then went around the edges with bias tape.  For the applique I used felt and just cut out shaped then sewed them on.  I decided on a lightening bolt in the background because it's super cool but not any super hero specific and then I used a "w' because that is what their last name starts with.  Although when my girls tried it on so I could get pics the "w" stood for SUPER WIGGLER.
In the front to get it to stay I used velcro dots that are sticky.  Even though they were sticky I wanted to sew them on for added stability so I cut out a mini lightening bolt and sewed it on right over top of the velcro so it still looked cute.
This super hero cape is super fast, super easy and super cute.

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Bonnie said...

Super fast, super cute, true, all because you're super smart.