Friday, August 20, 2010

The Pantry

I must admit I was really nervous about organizing the pantry.  It was so full I really didn't think that the bin system would not work.  There are things I could have done to make it cuter but I was going more so for simplifying, So here is what it looks like now.
Much nicer isn't it.  After doing it I was afraid that the bins would be a pain in the butt to work around and get stuff, but it is much easier than digging through random shelf's and knocking who knows what over.  All of these nice big bins I bought were on sale at wally world with there back to school dorm stuff, so it was a bit pricier than the linen closet but it was still under $20 and I am loving it.
I have seen some super cute pantries where people paint the back wall and make cute labels for their bins.  I personally was trying to keep this project simple so all my pantry got was bins with no extras.  But I am happy with it, and someday in my dream home I might go through the extra work to make my pantry cute and organized.
Do you have a favorite way to organize your pantry?  I would love to hear it if you do.

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