Thursday, August 12, 2010

Counter Top and Recipes

Okay I have completed the second area.  Remember the little crook of my counter that was super cluttered?  I am not showing you the before picture so you will have to remember (I am still not over the humiliation.) But I will show you the after picture.
Ahhh it makes me feel so good to look at. I decided after I got it all cleaned up to put my bosch on the counter.  I am sick of putting it in and out of the closest. I ended up organizing the cupboard above as well and I was able to fit a lot of the random items in there in a more organized matter. Also do you see that cute blue and red polka dot book? That's a binder I covered for all my loose recipes.  Here's a close up.
I covered it with this cute Micheal Miller oilcloth. Now for some inside pics.
I took all those little recipe books that you get, mostly with your small kitchen appliances, and I put them in the inside flaps.
Then I made tabs for organizing my recipes and put all my printed off and loose paper recipes inside sheet protectors.
Hopefully having my recipes in sheet protectors will now save my recipes because to many of them look like this.
And this.
I left a bunch of sheet protectors at the back of each section so i can add new recipes.  You see I am addicted to recipes.
I must say it feels good to be getting organized. How are you doing?  As always any tips, tricks or questions you have, just shout them out.





Charmaine said...

Great idea; thanks for sharing. :)

Paula said...

I organized my recipes using this systems a number of years ago and I'm still happy with it. It's so much easier to flip through a binder rather than go through stacks of print outs. My mom did the same thing!