Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reversible Tu-Tu

Okay here is the Tu-Tu I will be mailing off for The Princess Alexsia Foundation.  Has anyone else made one?  I was reading SamstersMommy's blog yesterday and she has only 38 of the 100 she was hoping for and the deadline is next week so if you haven't made one yet hop to it.
So this Tu-Tu I made reversible. See.
The trick to this is really quiet simple.  You put the knots of one color at the top of the elastic and the knot for the other color at the bottom of the elastic.
One other tip for you.  If you buy your tulle on a 6inch spool but want 3inch strips simply put a rubber band or elastic on the spool to mark where the middle is.
Then take your rotary cutter and slice on through. I would suggest going around once quick for the markings then take the elastic off and go around again for depth.

Happy Tu-Tu making!

Also today is the last day to enter to win the 6-12month size Tu-Tu.  Go here to enter.

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