Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tutorial Review {Lace Up Cards}

Today's review comes from Little Birdie Secrets. This craft blog has something for everyone.  It is three friends who have come together to share with us vast amount of knowledge and crafts.  Here is a glimpse of what you might find if you go over there.
See, something for everyone!  Since it was a holiday I weekend I went with a bit simpler, but wonderful craft this week.  Plus my little monkeys needed a new activity for church and other quiet times.  I also think I might whip up a few more sets to give as birthday presents.  Here is Little Birdie Secretes Lace Up Card.
Isn't that the cutest.  So simple and wonderful, and brilliant.  This is my finished project.
I love them.  I did do a little twist though. I decided to use cookie cutters to make my shapes.  This way I didn't have to scour clip art, or draw free hand. (If I had to draw free hand all my shapes would have been amoebas.) 

And I wanted them to be a bit sturdier so I doubled up the foam. 
The hole punch unfortunately will not fit around two layers of foam though so I had to punch one out.  Than to make my hole match up I laid the punched foam on top of the unpunched foam and placed a small dot in the middle.
I then centered the hole punch on the dot.  This method worked really well.  If I was more of a perfectionist I imagine it would have worked even better, but alas I am no where near a perfectionist.
In the end I think the doubled look ended up being super cute. And I am super pleased with the turn out.

To get my pieces of foam to stick together I tried spray glue, tacky glue and hot glue.  In the end they all worked, but the spray glue required a bit more work to hold them together at the beginning and the tacky glue required a lot of patience in drying, so my preferred glue was the hot glue.
Total Time: 1 hour for 6 cards
Total Cost: I bought a pack of 50 pieces of foam for $5.  The shoe laces were $2 and there were 4 laces in each package, so with a little math my total is around $0.60 for each card.
I just made them last night and they already came in super handy.  My eldest monkey had Kindergarten assessment today so I brought these along for my middle monkey to play with so she wouldn't get into everything, be a distraction to her sister or a stress to her mom.
She loved them! She sat there the whole time playing with them, and for this child sitting longer than 2 minutes is a huge accomplishment.


Anonymous said...

Great idea and I am amazed at that little monkey( I really do know that little monkey) sitting so nicely !!!!! So maybe I will make some of those for when y'all are here--they must work like magic !!

Anonymous said...

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