Monday, June 14, 2010

Tutorial Monday {Ruffle Peasant Dress}

Today's review is absolutely  darling.  I can't believe how much I love this dress. This dress comes from
Ta Da! Creations.
Angel Has some beautiful tutorials that all make me ooh and ahh.  Everything she does is so professional and beautiful.  Here is a sampling of her beautiful creations.
Amazing isn't it.  She also has some recipes and organization tips and decorating room tips.  But today we are going to look at her Ruffle Peasant Dress.
They're gorgeous aren't they!  When I saw this I knew I had to make them for my little monkeys.  Here are my finished dresses.
I am so happy with them.  I think they are the cutest dresses I have ever made.

So I am having a hard time with how to review this tutorial.  I find myself wanting to do sewing lessons as I think about it, but I don't know what your sewing level is.  I still consider myself beginner to intermediate and I was able to make it just fine. So no sewing lessons today, but if you want extra tips don't hesitate to ask.  And if you want sewing lessons just let me know, I would be happy to do some.

The one thing that did take me a minute to figure out was how to pin the sleeves in so I did take a few extra pictures of that process for you. Keep in mind that the sleeve is part of the top of the dress it's not a typical sleeve that sewn onto the side of the top.
So here is the sleeve with the seem together and then turned right side out. Notice the top and bottom, it is flipped from my usual idea of top and bottom of a sleeve.
This is how it fits with the dress, just put it inside then pin and sew.  Hope that little extra helps.
 Also one other tip, the pattern went up to size 4, but One of my monkeys is 5 so I had to make my pattern slightly larger.  Here is how I did it.  This was by no means "scientific" and it only works with making a pattern slightly larger.  So while tracing the pattern I grabbed a fat washable marker.  I traced the right on the outside of the pattern.
When tracing a pattern I usually use colored pencils.
As you can see the marker makes a big, little difference. Then when I cut the dress out I just cut on the outside of the marker.  Also since this dress is already altered in length I was able to make it longer for her.
If you want to make some bigger than size 4, here is a pattern that might work.
Total Cost: About $13 per dress.
If you are familiar with designer fabric you will probably recognize that I used Amy Butler fabric for my dressed.  Now that fabric is a bit more expensive than your average fabric, but I think it is so worth it.  To help with the cost here is a little tip.  Now lean in close because I am going to whisper this 
Now this might not mean much to you so let me explain.  The first website I mentioned true to it's name has tons of fabric, and a lot of designer fabric.  Plus they have free shipping on all orders over $35.  The second website I mentioned is a coupon code website.  I can usually find a 30% off total order from there to spend.  This makes the fabric much more affordable.
Total Time: 2 days
Before you freak out at 2 days let me explain, I have 3 children and sewing does take some time.  So over the course of 2 days I was able to trace the pattern, cut it out and sew it (2 dresses that is), while continuing on with my motherly duties etc.  So this dress is really a quick one over all.
Other Tips:
1-When you sew the ruffle on I would first baste it on. (That means keep your long stitch on that you used to make your ruffle.)  I say this because this is the hardest part of the dress and if your ruffle takes a detour on its way down the dress or you accidentally sew the back of the dress, or get any puckers (none of which happened to me) it will be much easier to unpick and fix.  Then when you sew the ribbon on return your machine back to a normal stitch and that will also hold your ruffle down securely.
2-If your like me and don't own a serger, and you are doing the zig zag stitch to help it not unravel I also used a pair of pinking shears to trim up the seams so the seams aren't bulky.
If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.  If you make one I would love to see it.
Here are a few more photos of this beautiful dress to inspire you.

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Angel said...

I'm blushing over here at all the sweet comments about my blog. You inspire me to do more tutorials. Your dresses turned out so darling. I seriously love your fabric combos. For me this dress is cuter the more eclectic you get with fabrics and you did a great job. And thanks for whispering to us about looking for coupon codes for fabric shops. I've never thought to check for those on there.

Tiffany said...

I found Out another webpage for very cute fabrics. its really too bad i'm not made of money! :) Cute dresses!!

Mom2fur said...

Those are absolutely precious and you should be very proud of your work!
I get what you mean about the sleeves. Peasant sleeves are so much different from set-in ones that you get confused at first!