Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wow Thanks And A Winner

First I would like to thank everyone for their comments. That was so fun to read. Some great stories about names (a lot had to do with dreams and hubbies!!) and some good feed back on my bows, so Thank you. I would especially like to thank those of you who referred people to me (hair bloggers!!). Anyways I am sure you are here to see who the winner is. So without further ado...
Here is what Heather had to say...
I was told my daughter's name in a dream 3 different nights until we decided that was what it was to be, Emma Elizabeth. I love your corker bows!!!

What A cute name, I sure hope she enjoys these bows!!! E-mail me your info and I will get those sent out on Tuesday.

I thought I had better answer these questions as well. My first daughter was named for my mom, (not after my mom for my mom). My mom loved this name and wanted to use it with all 6 of her children. Unfortunately none of us fit it. I was the last child and she was bound and determined to use it on me no matter what. My dad woke up from a dream one night and told her my name was Elizabeth, so that's who I am. After hearing that story many of times I fell in love with the name and used it on my first daughter. Erin Whitney. My second daughter I was stumped on what to use. I love my great grandmothers name, but so does my sister, so I didn't want to take it from my sister. I looked at a different great grandmother and considered her name, I liked it but wasn't sure I loved it. One day I received an e-mail from my husband (He was out of state for 5 months of military training) and he had a few names he liked. There was one that stood out to me very strongly, but I still wasn't sure because it wasn't a family name and I like family names. But when she was born she fit the name dad picked out perfectly. We gave her my middle name which is also my mothers middle name. Lily Anne

My favorite bows are the rose bows. The reason for this is it is something I came up with all by myself. I took pieces of other bows and styles and voila had the rose bow. So as far to my knowledge I am the only one who makes one like it. So it is my favorite because it is my creation.

Again THANK YOU everyone. I hope you keep coming back and order some of you favorite bows!!!

ps. I know I said I would do the drawing friday, it is only 1 hr away and I am heading out of town for the weekend, so it happened now.

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