Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stocking Stuffers and DISCOUNTS

What an awesome stocking stuffer bows make for little girls. They love them and we love them and they are affordable. But it wouldn't be Christmas if there wasn't a great deal with them, right?

So here is your great deal. For every $12 dollars you spend you will receive credit for $2.oo off. You can use it on the purchase you are making or save it for later.

So if you spend $12.00 you can use the credit and really only spend $10.00 or save those two dollars for later. If you spend $24.00 you will receive $4.00 credit and really only spend $20.00 or save it for later, your choice.

This promotion will end on Dec 21st. Remember to get them ordered to get them in time for Christmas!

Another great stocking stuffer is head bands. I personally am in love with these crocheted head bands.

I think these head bands look darling in hair of girls at all ages. I remember the first one I bought, I was so in love with it but it felt like a sacrifice because it cost me $4.50. So here is the best part, I can sell them to you for only $2.00. That's less then half the cost of the first one I bought! So let me know if you want any.


Julie said...

Do the head bands fit adults too or just little girls? they all look darling !!!

Ashley said...

Where did you find all those colrs! When I originally looked for them I could only find black ones for a good deal or other colors for like $5. You are so cute and creative Liz, love your bow blog.