Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How To: Fairy Wings

Okay here is my disclaimer. My friend learned how to do this on a web site. I could not find the web site and it has been over a month since she has shown me, so this is just my memory and figuring it out my self. So here we go.

Supplies: 4 wire hangers
Wire cutters
white knee highs (adult size) 2 pair
food coloring
Extra bling (boa, ribbon, sparkly glitter etc.)

Dye your nylons the color of your choice. Just like you would an Easter egg. Hot water vinegar and dye.

Cut the head off your hanger and tape the ends together.
Shape them as desired. (Google fairy wings for ideas)
When doing the second matching wing place it on first to shape so they match.

Tape all your pieces together

Stretch 1 nylon over 1 wing. Be sure to line the seam up with the edge of your hanger.

Twist/tie the end of you nylon around center


Put something in the middle to cover up the mess of nylons (boa, charm, bow) and attach whatever you are going to use to hold the wings on the child. Elastic or ribbon. I chose ribbon because it matches and it can adjust to the child easier

Add some glitter. This was the hardest part for me. I can't draw a straight line without a ruler so forgive my free hand.

And Voila. Super cute fairy wings that cost me approx $3

Here is the purple set as well. (If you remember I did an purple tutu and a pink tutu, these are going to be sets in a Christmas present)

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